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Dressing up Elina from Big Brother Talk Show

Kaino and Emmi Malmström at Big Brother

Picture by Vesa Silver

Stylists and bloggers are some magicians. They have the power to bring to the public new phenomena, trends, designers and labels that we should know about, but yet don’t. The magic is that these are the people who can make the decisive difference in a beginning designer’s career, when there’s no resources to buy visibility, by offering that visibility for products that deserve it.

I got to meet the stylist Vesa Silver at the “I love me” trade fair a week ago. Vesa’s style sometimes brings to my mind a modern city warrior, but it turned out that in person Vesa is an easygoing person and fun to work with. His pro style-hunter eyes spotted the Emmi Malmström Shoes and Kaino rose tunics we had on our stand, and he asked for a photoshoot cooperation for a TV show: for dressing up Elina Viitanen, the hostess of the Big Brother Talk Show. And of course I agreed. (You don’t say no to Vesa. Unless you’re very stupid, which I try to avoid, eh.) Even though I’m not the designer, I always feel a deep gratitude on behalf of the designers when their work is noted by a rock hard professional.

Last Sunday the live program was shown on SubTV. The designers commented on their Facebook accounts the feelings of seeing things they’ve made on the TV. And Vesa Silver twiited and shared pictures of the outfit on the social media.

Thank you Vesa Silver! Thank you designers Emmi Malmström, Niina Sinisalo and Sanni Salonen for creating so beautiful things to Paloni’s customers!

Kaino at Big Brother

Picture by Vesa Silver

Minna / Paloni