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We love Tampere

Right after the opening party of the Ex Tempore Pop Up Shop at Kluuvi on Saturday evening, I continued to Paloni to prepare for the next day – I packed and inventoried all items for the Designtori joulu event in Tampere, finished after midnight and left home early the next morning to head to the next destination. Seems like sometimes (and lately a bit too often) my working days get over 12 hours long, but once again Tampere made it all worthwhile. There’s just the kind of energy at these Tampere events that is hard to describe. Maybe it’s because of the energy of the organizers (the Design on Tampere organization) or maybe it’s because there’s not too much of such events there yet. Whatever the reason, Tampere seems to like us, and we love it in return.

Paloni at Designtori joulu event in Tampere

Paloni at Designtori joulu event in Tampere

Paloni at Designtori joulu event in Tampere

Designtori Tampere

Paloni will take part in the Designtori sales event in Tampere city on Sunday, September 2nd. It’s an outside event, with lots of interesting Finnish brands, designers and shops selling their latest designs.

Some practical notes to people who’d like to visit, based on the experience from our past events organized by Design on Tampere:

Bring cash. We will take our card payment terminal with us, but I’m guessing that most sellers will only accept cash.

Be on time. The best stuff is sold first, and the stocks of the sellers are limited. Usually there’s a queue to these events.

In case of pouring rain and lightning, stay at home. The event will be cancelled if the weather is unbearable. But let’s hope it’s not!

Desingtori Tampere


I’m planning to take a versatile array of our designers’ items  to this event – something Finnish, something from abroad, jewelry and small gift items, but also clothing. At least we will bring Kiss kiss art tights and leggings, Mari & Arrow jewelry, PaaPii Design toys and DIY kits, Beloved tea spoon keyrings, SIPILÄ clothing and 2. Elämä jewelry and accessories. Hope to see you there!

The event is also on Facebook.

<3 Minna / Paloni