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Vietto shows and grows

When buying an independent designer’s works, your every purchase counts and makes a difference. And when many customers acknowledge the talent of a designer and buy her/his items, that makes a huge difference. Vietto, the eco-fashion label by Minna Kaartinen from Helsinki, is the first of Paloni’s labels to grow its team solely because of sales at Paloni. On our hang tags for Vietto, there’s now a new name in addition to the designer: cutting and sewing is now partly done with the help of Maarit Suvinen, also from Helsinki.

Our customers are not the only ones who have acknowledged Minna’s talent lately. Her organic cotton turban – for which the material, by the way, is cut waste of Kaino, another of our labels – has been featured in blogs from the US to Russia. The turban has been so popular that Kaino should make more garments to be able to send Minna more material…

Vietto organic cotton turban
Picture by http://xthecoldfrontx.tumblr.com/

The Vietto transformable winter coat was photographed for the latest issue of REVS magazine. I got the chance to celebrate the launch of the magazine with her.


The picture by Federico Cabrera is stunning, don’t you think? (Styling: Heidi Marika Urpalainen, make-up & hair: Emilie Tuuminen, model: Minna Puro.)

The picture by Federico Cabrera

Thank you to all of our customers for making it possible for our talented designers to do the work they were meant to do! You’re the ones turning their dreams into reality.

Minna / Paloni