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Merry Christmas!

I couldn’t run Paloni without the help of my family – or at least many things would be left undone and it all wouldn’t be the same at all.

When we organize courses and workshops at our store, it’s usually my mom who takes care of the catering. Her special are the roasted cinnamon almonds. Many of our customers have already asked for the recipe, so as a Christmas gift to our customers and friends, I decided to share it to you all.

With this recipe, I want to wish you all a very joyful and relaxed Christmas! I hope that you, like I, have the chance to spend some relaxing time with your families.

Roasted cinnamon almonds

Paahdetut kanelimantelit

3 dl kuorimattomia manteita
2 rkl hunajaa
2 rkl vettä
2 tl rypsiöljyä
1/2 dl sokeria
2 tl kanelia
1/2 tl suolaa

Levitä mantelit leivinpaperilla päällystetylle pellille ja paahda 225 asteisessa uunissa n 10 min (meidän uunissa n 5-7 min). Hämmentele manteleita aika ajoin ja ole tarkkana, etteivät mantelit kärvähdä. Kun mantelit ovat kullanruskeita ja tuoksuvia, nosta pelti uunista.

Sekoita teflonkasarissa ( wokkipannu kätevä) hunaja, vesi ja öljy kiehumispisteeseen. Kun neste kiehuu, lisää mantelit. Sekoita ja anna kiehua n 5 min kunnes suurin osa nesteestä on imeytynyt manteleihin. Nosta mantelit vatiin, jossa on puolet sokeri-kaneli-suolaseoksesta. Kierittele manteleita seoksessa ja ripottele loput sokeriseoksesta päälle.

Jäähdytä mantelit ja irroittele niitä toisistaan leivinpaperin päällä. Herkkusi ovat valmiita nautittaviksi!


Roasted cinnamon almonds

3 dl almonds (un-peeled)
2 table spoons honey
2 table spoons water
2 tea spoons canola oil
1/2 dl sugar
2 tea spoons cinnamon (minced)
1/2 tea spoons salt

Spread the almonds on a baking tray and roast in the oven at 225 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes (or for a bit shorter time, 5-7 minutes, if the oven is effective). Stir the almonds once in a while and be careful that they don’t burn. When the almonds have a nice amber color and smell good, take the tray out from the oven.

Mix honey, water and oil in a frying pan (a wok pan is handy) and heat up until it boils. Then add the almonds. Mix and let boil for about 5 minutes or until most of the liquid has been absorbed by the almonds.

Mix half of the sugar and cinnamon powder in a bowl, and add the almonds. Roll the almonds in the mix, then add the other half of the sugar and cinnamon powder to the top.

Let the almonds cool off, then pour them onto a tray / greaseproof paper, and separate them from each other. Your cinnamon almonds are ready to be served!

Minna / Paloni

Trashion! is here

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Outi Pyy, the woman behind the well-known blog OutsaPop Trashion. Outi is a pioneer of creating fashion out of recycled materials. She calls it aptly trashion (combining fashion and trash). On her blog, Outi shares the ideas of herself as well as those of others on creating the most hip styles out of already existing materials.

Outi’s ideology fits very well together with Paloni’s – the creativity, the eco-consciousness, the do-it-yourself culture, finding your own personal style, and the most important of all – following your passion. Outi’s passion shows in everything she does.

We started cooperation with Outi last summer by organizing evening courses with her at Paloni, where she instructed different do-it-yourself projects.

Outi showing her works and teaching trashion at Paloni.

Outi showing her works and teaching trashion at Paloni.

On the first course, we were shredding colored army surplus t-shirts and turning them into stunning flowy net-like creations. Outi calls it shredding therapy, and I very well understand why – it is therapeutic. And my own outcome from that evening has ever since been one of my favorite pieces.

Wearing my shredded shirt

Wearing my shredded shirt.

On our second Paloni & OutsaPop Trashion course, we turned boring blouses into their more fashionista versions by cutting out the shoulders and decorating the holes with zippers and pearls.

Upcycling in action: Outi cutting out the shoulders of a shirt.

Upcycling in action: Outi cutting out the shoulders of a shirt.

This project turned out to be more challenging, at least for me, and the outcome was something a bit different from the original plan… But like Outi says: “There are no mistakes in trashion, only unexpected outcomes”. Such a liberating thought that we could all apply to other areas of life, too…

Outi marking the place for cut-outs on Steffi's blouse.
Outi marking the place for cut-outs on Steffi's blouse.

Already for years, Outi has had the dream of turning her ideology and ideas into a book. Yesterday I was one of the very lucky guests celebrating the launch of Trashion!, the most interesting fashion book of the season. Yes, that’s right. After years of planning and working, collecting ideas and now turning them into stunning pictures and do-it-yourself instructions, Outi is the author of the brand new book called Trashion!

The book includes 28 projects with illustrated instructions, absolutely gorgeous pictures taken by Mikko Rasila, tips and inspiration for finding your own style, as well as useful information on how to be eco-consciously fashionable. The book is written in Finnish.

And here it is, on Paloni’s display window. Come get yours before they’re gone.

And here it is, on Paloni's display window. Come get yours before they're gone.
Outi will also be at Paloni’s stand at the I love me / Muotimessut event at the Helsinki Trade Fair Center on Saturday & Sunday 20. & 21.10. at 12:00. From there you can buy your Trashion! copy and get Outi’s signature on it. Our stand is a part of the Helsinki Design District joint stand, and our stand number is 5g21.

Go Outi! Go Trashion!

Minna / Paloni