Restaurant Day in Paloni: Picnic in Ghana

On Saturday February 4th Paloni will be transformed into a restaurant “Piknik Ghanassa” (=”A Picnic in Ghana” in Finnish). The restaurant held by the Ghanaian cook Kojo Owusu and the German assistant cook Johannes Wienss will serve us delights of the Ghanaian Ashanti tribe. The customers of the restaurant can relax on rugs and pillows in sheet cots.

The doors of the restaurant will be opened at 1pm, and the restaurant will stay open until 5pm or for as long as there is food to serve. Unfortunately we can’t take reservations – seats are assigned as customers arrive. Signing up for the event on Facebook will help the cooks in planning the amounts of food to be served, so we kindly ask you to let us know there if you plan to visit our restaurant. The food will also be available as take-away.

Kindly notice that the customers eating in the restaurant will be asked to take off their shoes.

Please be prepared to pay for the restaurant’s services in cash.

Kokoo a yakyiehyie
Fried plantane (=a vegetable banana)

Couscous ne vegetables
Couscous with vegetables

Apotonsu ne amako,akaka/ adea abomo
Salsa with beans

Akaka aduro drink
A refreshing ginger drink with mint, lime and coriander

The whole menu 10€

The event on Facebook
Restaurant Day: The official website.