Regards from I love me / Muotimessut

Regards from I love me - Muotimessut
Sometimes when learning things through experience and feeling like having to learn so much all the time, I wish I had some experience from the fashion industry before opening Paloni. But then, I also think it’s my biggest asset that I don’t have it. It has freed me from doing things like everyone else.

But there is one huge endless learning process that’s universally the same, whatever the industry sector in question: networking. An entrepreneur doesn’t need to know everything, but one should know the people who know. When this network of networked people starts to grow, things become easier, and in many cases also much funnier. There’s so nice and interesting people in and around the design and fashion scenes that I’ve enjoyed getting to know!

Outi Pyy
When we participated the “I love me” event (Muotimessut) a week ago, our stand was a part of the Design District Helsinki joint stand. This network is one of the valuable networking and cooperation channels for the best design stores in Helsinki. We also cooperated with the author Outi Pyy whose book Trashion! was for sale at our stand, and Outi was there to sign the copies. A big thank you both to Aino Vepsäläinen from Design District Helsinki and for Outi Pyy for making our participation at the event possible and special!

Minna / Paloni