Regards from Designtori JOULU in Tampere

Paloni at DesignTori

Judging from the amount of people at this event, Tampere is a city of design-lovers!

Minna & Oona at DesignTori
Minna and Oona at the Paloni stand – this teamwork just works. (Or maybe it’s just Oona – she’s making me a supernumerary.) 😉

Paloni at DesignTori

Paloni at DesignTori

Oona at DesignTori
We’re happy to make our customers happy.

Oona & Paloni's stand
Designtori JOULU – we loved it this much!

Paloni's exhibition workers
And this is how it looks one hour after closing. For some reason we’re always the last ones to leave – regardless of our little helper Pinja.

We had a blast. Thank you to all organizers and visitors!