Rebecca Clamp at Paloni LIVE

Paloni’s free-entry gigs by independent, interesting musicians continues.

This time we’ll have the privilege of listening to Rebecca Clamp. The UK-born, Helsinki-based singer-songwriter will be performing her own music.


Rebecca Clamp at Paloni LIVE


Rebecca’s latest album Key to the City is a love letter to her neighbourhood in Helsinki, but you don’t need to have been to Finland to appreciate these songs about love, fragility and finding home. As with her debut album Nocturnal Leap (2005), her lyrics delight in the small-great things in life: parasitic wasps, a special bookshop, and a bearded female saint all make colourful appearances here.

Rebecca’s song “Epiphany” has been visualized on a music video by Aarni Vaarnamo, filmed in Paloni:

Free entry.

Rebecca’s album “Key to the City” is now available in Paloni.

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