February has been a month of funky arrivals to Paloni

Vietto Sheer Neppari Skir

The Vietto Sheer Neppari Skirt (75€) is the perfect layering piece for an avant-gardist or adventurous turnout. I’d pair it with a simple dress or a top & miniskirt combination underneath, spiced up with colorful leggings or tights. The hand colored Kiss Kiss art leggings in hot pink or sunny yellow from Paloni would be a perfect match (38€). The skirt has an asymmetrical hem with poppers. By attaching the poppers from the hem to the waist, the skirt changes its shape and gets airy pleats of different forms. The see-through, textile industry leftover material might be more familiar from the lining of sports jackets, but is far more interesting as the clue of a genuinely different skirt. These skirts are designed and made by Minna Kaartinen in Helsinki, Finland.

Avaruusmuovi wings

Another favorite of mine from our latest arrivals also comes from Finland. Petra Eriksson, the designer of Avaruusmuovi has managed to re-invent the brooch – and to make something unique from laser-cut acrylic. Not the easiest task, but the outcome is addictive. A pair of the Wing brooches (26,50€/pair) instantly got to be a part of my wardrobe. (As people who know me well know: my wardrobe nowadays is very minimalistic and consists of true favorites only – an outcome of having my own design store, I guess.) Wearing just one brooch feels almost lame when you could have a pair of these wings to make your thoughts fly and co-workers smile. And oh yes, I’d definitely wear these for a day in the office as well – preferably on the collars of a white shirt. Available in shiny black and in silver mirror. The Avaruusmuovi items are designed and made by Petra Eriksson in Turku (cut by Ida Lehtinen in Naantali), Finland.

March will be a month of spring arrivals – we’re expecting new collections from labels and designers like Linda Sipilä (a women’s collection in printed silk/cotton), POGOSTICK failureSecond ChanceAngel Iglesias and Simone’s Rose.