Designer of the Month: Sarita Koivukoski

Sarita Koivukoski


How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
Once a ceramic artist, always a ceramic artist.

How would you describe your label in five words?
Unique, durable, usable, colorful and sustainable (in every stage of making).

Why handmade / locally produced?
Main reason is because I have to make everything myself. In the beginning and still I had tremendous urge to do beauty as I see it. Who else could do my vision?

Ceramics is huge area of expertise where you can always learn new things. I also think we independent  artists are the ones making tomorrow’s collectibles.

How are Sarita Koivukoski ceramics ethical / ecological and what does this mean to you?
It means a lot. Personally I am very ecological so of course I want to be that in my work as well. In my work nothing goes to waste. Clay can be recycled; glaze can be collected and used again as recycled glaze. (By the way the color of recycled glaze is usually a beautiful dark green.) I have made ceramic plates for 15 years now, and my goal has always been that every piece coming out from the kiln is good quality work. I also want to be economical – that’s also ecological.

Sarita Koivukoski Ruutu plates

Sarita's Ruutu plates in a variety of beautiful colors, patterns and sizes are available at Paloni. The durable plates
are suitable for everyday use and are oven, microwave and dishwasher proof. Ruutu sizes and prices: Big Ruutu:
37€, Deep Ruutu: 32€, Low Ruutu: 28€, Long Ruutu: 25€, Small Ruutu: 17€.

What are your most important sources of influence / inspiration?
Colors, nature, art.

How has your experience as a Paloni designer been?
Great! The shop is something different in Helsinki. There is always something new going on. Minna has good energy and that shows in her shop. Good work!

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Keep going, don´t give up and believe in yourself.

Your words of advice for aspiring designers / artists?
Keep going, don´t give up and believe in yourself.

What is the most memorable highlight of your career as a designer so far?
There have been many. Basically my studio is a highlight for me every single day. It exists, it is working and a bunch of nice people work there with me.

Something to remember was a week hosted by a Korean family of whom hardly anyone spoke English. It was a mind opening experience, but nice too.

Please continue the following sentence: My passion is…
to be open to new ideas and not to hesitate to embrace them.