Design Market Satama

Looking for something to do in Helsinki for the coming weekend? If you’re interested in Finnish indie design and craftsmanship, then I recommend visiting the Design Market Satama at Wanha Satama.

The event is now organized for the very first time, so it will be very interesting to see how it will turn out to be. I must say that my expectations are higher for the visual outlook of a design event, but luckily it’s the exhibitors that eventually define the level and quality of these events, not the logo. The exhibitors list looks very versatile – there are many familiar names, but also delightfully many new ones.

From the Paloni stand, you’ll find a combination of the hottest names on Finnish indie fashion from POGOSTICK failure to Antti Asplund and Linda Sipilä, combined with distinguished skill of long-term design by e.g. Sarita Koivukoski and Jatta Lavi.

Paloni at Design Market Satama

A mix of drama and tranquility on Paloni's stand: The Hector Loose Turtleneck Dress from Antti Asplund's
Crying Kids Collection (picture © Antti Asplund), and Ruutu plates by Sarita Koivukoski (picture by Satu Paakkala).

Doors are open on Sat February 11th and on Sun February 12th from 10am to 5pm. Free entry!