Crochet graffiti workshop this weekend

Paloni and Molla Mills invite you to crochet a graffiti this weekend. Sounds exciting and different, and I’m sure it will be just that. Anyone is invited to join the free-entry workshop on Saturday and Sunday at any time between 11am to 6pm at Paviljonki, Helsinki. Prior crocheting experience is not necessary – Molla is a professional and will be there to guide all participants. Materials are offered by Novita.

The project is to crochet clothes for two trees in the park “Ruttopuisto”. The clothes will be made up of small crocheted rings – making one takes about 15 minutes, so you can join the workshop for just a brief moment, or make many rings if you feel like it.

Kaupunkikirjasto & MollaMills Neulegraffiti

The trees will be called “the trees of dreams”, and we will hang signs on their branches with wishes people have written about the library of their dreams. The project is organized in cooperation with the Keskustakirjasto 2017 project. Paviljonki will be filled with different activities and workshops related to the new city library Keskustakirjasto during the whole weekend, so after crocheting you might try the cartoon workshop or join a traditional tango.

If you haven’t visited Paviljonki, the heart of the World Design Capital yet, now is the time! Join the event on Facebook, and invite your friends along. The more, the merrier!

Minna / Paloni