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Rebecca Clamp at Paloni LIVE

Paloni’s free-entry gigs by independent, interesting musicians continues.

This time we’ll have the privilege of listening to Rebecca Clamp. The UK-born, Helsinki-based singer-songwriter will be performing her own music.


Rebecca Clamp at Paloni LIVE


Rebecca’s latest album Key to the City is a love letter to her neighbourhood in Helsinki, but you don’t need to have been to Finland to appreciate these songs about love, fragility and finding home. As with her debut album Nocturnal Leap (2005), her lyrics delight in the small-great things in life: parasitic wasps, a special bookshop, and a bearded female saint all make colourful appearances here.

Rebecca’s song “Epiphany” has been visualized on a music video by Aarni Vaarnamo, filmed in Paloni:

Free entry.

Rebecca’s album “Key to the City” is now available in Paloni.

The event on Facebook.

February has been a month of funky arrivals to Paloni

Vietto Sheer Neppari Skir

The Vietto Sheer Neppari Skirt (75€) is the perfect layering piece for an avant-gardist or adventurous turnout. I’d pair it with a simple dress or a top & miniskirt combination underneath, spiced up with colorful leggings or tights. The hand colored Kiss Kiss art leggings in hot pink or sunny yellow from Paloni would be a perfect match (38€). The skirt has an asymmetrical hem with poppers. By attaching the poppers from the hem to the waist, the skirt changes its shape and gets airy pleats of different forms. The see-through, textile industry leftover material might be more familiar from the lining of sports jackets, but is far more interesting as the clue of a genuinely different skirt. These skirts are designed and made by Minna Kaartinen in Helsinki, Finland.

Avaruusmuovi wings

Another favorite of mine from our latest arrivals also comes from Finland. Petra Eriksson, the designer of Avaruusmuovi has managed to re-invent the brooch – and to make something unique from laser-cut acrylic. Not the easiest task, but the outcome is addictive. A pair of the Wing brooches (26,50€/pair) instantly got to be a part of my wardrobe. (As people who know me well know: my wardrobe nowadays is very minimalistic and consists of true favorites only – an outcome of having my own design store, I guess.) Wearing just one brooch feels almost lame when you could have a pair of these wings to make your thoughts fly and co-workers smile. And oh yes, I’d definitely wear these for a day in the office as well – preferably on the collars of a white shirt. Available in shiny black and in silver mirror. The Avaruusmuovi items are designed and made by Petra Eriksson in Turku (cut by Ida Lehtinen in Naantali), Finland.

March will be a month of spring arrivals – we’re expecting new collections from labels and designers like Linda Sipilä (a women’s collection in printed silk/cotton), POGOSTICK failureSecond ChanceAngel Iglesias and Simone’s Rose.

Virta at Paloni LIVE

Paloni’s free-entry gigs by independent, interesting musicians continues.

Virta at Paloni LIVE

Poster: Hanne Huotari

Virta is a Finnish instrumental trio which combines textures of Scandinavian jazz and post-rock with avant-garde sensibilities. These barely 20-year-olds are crashing the barriers and blending the opposites with such a fearless and adventurous vision, that comparisons to the names like Jaga Jazzist, Supersilent and Nils Petter Molvaer have to be made. Started in spring 2011 and only a handful of fierce shows in their pocket, this exceptionally versatile group marches its own unconventional way of expression.

Antti Hevosmaa – trumpet
Heikki Selamo – guitar
Erik Heikkinen – drums

Time: Wednesday February 15th from 7pm to 9pm
Place: Paloni, Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki

Experience the unexpected. Free entry.

For more about Virta, see:
The event on Facebook

Restaurant Day in Paloni: Picnic in Ghana

On Saturday February 4th Paloni will be transformed into a restaurant “Piknik Ghanassa” (=”A Picnic in Ghana” in Finnish). The restaurant held by the Ghanaian cook Kojo Owusu and the German assistant cook Johannes Wienss will serve us delights of the Ghanaian Ashanti tribe. The customers of the restaurant can relax on rugs and pillows in sheet cots.

The doors of the restaurant will be opened at 1pm, and the restaurant will stay open until 5pm or for as long as there is food to serve. Unfortunately we can’t take reservations – seats are assigned as customers arrive. Signing up for the event on Facebook will help the cooks in planning the amounts of food to be served, so we kindly ask you to let us know there if you plan to visit our restaurant. The food will also be available as take-away.

Kindly notice that the customers eating in the restaurant will be asked to take off their shoes.

Please be prepared to pay for the restaurant’s services in cash.

Kokoo a yakyiehyie
Fried plantane (=a vegetable banana)

Couscous ne vegetables
Couscous with vegetables

Apotonsu ne amako,akaka/ adea abomo
Salsa with beans

Akaka aduro drink
A refreshing ginger drink with mint, lime and coriander

The whole menu 10€

The event on Facebook
Restaurant Day: The official website.

Let’s celebrate Paloni’s first half year!

Ville Laaksonen at Paloni

Poster: Hanne Huotari

Paloni will turn six months next week – it’s time to celebrate! And what would be a better way to celebrate than taking a while from the Christmas preparation hassle and getting inspired by fresh indie music?

You and your friends are warmly welcome to December’s Paloni Indie Music Night with the singer-songwriter Ville Laaksonen. Feel free to just pop by, or come and listen to the whole thing.

Ville Laaksonen at Paloni

Ville Laaksonen at Paloni


Our first ever free-entry music gig Paloni Indie Night on the 1st of November with Rhinestone Lives was a great event with a warm atmosphere, so we have decided to make these indie gigs a monthly treat.

December’s Paloni Indie Night presents Ville Laaksonen, a versatile Finnish musician (singer – songwriter – singing teacher – arranger). Ville’s strong interpretation combined with his amazing voice are at their best on his own songs, with chords from the keyboard and some electro effects to add the needed spice to the mix. The sometimes misty and light, sometimes heavy and robust ambiance of Ville’s music will lead us to the incipient winter and approaching Christmas season. Free entry.

Paloni Indie Nights present: Ville Laaksonen
Time: Thursday December 8th from 7pm to 9pm
Place: Paloni, Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki
Free entry

Facebook: Paloni Indie Night: Ville Laaksonen


Päivi and Janne Brunou at Paloni

Päivi and Janne Brunou in Paloni

Photo: Saara Autere

Päivi and Janne Brunou at Paloni on Monday November 7th, from 3pm to 7 pm
– get personalized gifts that will be remembered

Everyone that has visited Paloni will surely remember the keyrings and jewelry made by this couple from Finnish antique tea spoons. As the Fathers’ day (November 13th) and Christmas are approaching, we wanted to offer you the chance to get personalized gifts easily – you choose the spoon, the product (keyring / necklace) and the text, Päivi and Janne will make it for you in a trice.

Some snacks and drinks will be offered from 5pm to 7pm so that you can relax and enjoy while Päivi & Janne prepare your gifts. The lovely couple will also tell about their creative work and about hunting for tea spoons at around 5pm. Welcome!

Personalized key ring 7 €, personalized necklace from an alpaca tea spoon with a ribbon 19 €, personalized necklace from a silver tea spoon with a silver chain 35 €. All items designed and made by Päivi and Janne Brunou.

To find out more about the creative work of this couple, check out

The first ever Paloni Indie Night is soon here

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Paloni Indie Night: Marja / Rhinestone Lives

Poster: Hanne Huotari

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You and your friends are most warmly welcome to this first ever Paloni Indie Night to see and hear Marja from Rhinestone Lives / Brussels sing, play and perform from her heart to ours. 

To celebrate this historical event, we will also pamper you with some surprise sale items with discounted prices next Tuesday only!

Marja Supponen is a Finnish-born, Brussels-based singer-songwriter inspired by life, love and the little epiphanies of the world. She has released three full-length albums as Rhinestone Lives since 2004 and one EP with alternative rock band Deaf Dialogue in 2004.

During Marja’s gig you will also have the chance to buy Rhinestone Lives’ music – an album with some extraordinary indie music will surely be a highly appreciated Fathers’ day or Christmas gift as well!


Rhinestone Lives at Paloni

Marja / Rhinestone Lives


Paloni proudly presents Paloni Indie Nights – our cure for the darkening days. This series of free-entry music gigs by inspiring young indie musicians will be kicked off on Tuesday evening 1st of November by Marja from Rhinestone Lives / Brussels. This woman will prove us that it only takes a voice and a guitar to move us, inspire us and to bring some joy to survive the darkness.

Paloni Indie Nights presents: Marja / Rhinestone Lives
Time: Tuesday November 1st from 7pm to 9pm
Place: Paloni, Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki

Free entry

Little Copenhagen at Paloni

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Little Copenhagen

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We are proud to present a new Finnish children’s clothing line by two mothers, who get their inspiration from the city of Copenhagen, and have transformed their longterm friendship into being creative business partners, children’s clothing designers and craftswomen.

Interviewing Paloni designers: Kaisa Seppä & Jenni Teimonen / Little Copenhagen
Time: Tuesday October 18th, from 5pm to 7pm
Place: Paloni, Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki

The beautiful Little Copenhagen children’s clothes combine ease of use and care with a sense of style – and a very reasonable price.

At this event, Paloni’s Minna will interview Kaisa and Jenni about founding Little Copenhagen and about how it felt to make the big decision and jump from the business development of big enterprises into children’s clothing designers and entrepreneurs. After this, the women will show us the best bits of their winter collection. We will also have a Little Copenhagen Limited Edition for sale only at this event.

Please note that the interview is held in Finnish.

The event is free of charge. Pre-registrations required at info(at) Also friends and avecs are warmly welcome!