Cabinet, oh cabinet

“She’s going to paint it!? Such a beautiful antique cabinet!”

My friend’s comment on Facebook proved me that we’re on the right track with this art cabinet project we’re doing with the artist Aino Louhi. She has the difficult task of showing us how to turn a piece of antique from dusty to artsy, and of determining whether a piece of art can simultaneously be a usable object (and a usable object a serious piece of art). We wrote about this project at its beginning, too. Now the story continues as Aino shares her thoughts from the middle of the cabinet’s transformation process. The question seems to be: is she painting a cabinet, or is she painting on a cabinet.

The outcome will be on display and on sale at Paloni’s stand at the Kierrätystehdas 2012 on May 5th-6th at the Helsinki Cable Factory, and after that at our concept store, Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki.

/ Minna

Cabinet, oh cabinet

It has been a bit of a rocky road so far; there are so many things I didn’t know about  varnish, its compatibility with different paints, sand papers and primers. I also got a valuable lesson in the beginning: ask help before you do anything. In this case it would have saved a lot of time and energy. Luckily I’ve had some assistance from a household carpenter, my neighbours and a few strong men.

There is a good side to this all: I had some time to think what I want to do with the cabinet while I polished the surface of it. It was incredibly challenging to let go of the idea of painting a furniture. Every side of it seemed like a separate piece of paper and to combine them felt impossible.

At first my method was just to do the boldest and most interesting color combinations and see what comes out of it. Soon that started to feel just like – painting a furniture! The light bulb turned on in my head last week when I finally got an idea of how to use the cabinet’s 3-dimensional character in the painting. Now I’m shaking from excitement to see how it’s all going to turn out.

/ Aino Louhi

Aino Louhi kaappi

Painting a furnit... piece of art!