At the NRJ Fashion Night

Regards from the NRJ Fashion Night! A spectacle fashion show with live music by Don Johnson Big Band, The 69 Eyes and The Rasmus is always a pleasure to see and experience, but still the most interesting part of this event was seeing the finalists of the NRJ Fashion Awards.

A busy catwalk & The Rasmus playing

A busy catwalk & The Rasmus playing.

The NRJ Fashion Awards is a competition for the Finnish fashion designer students, the future stars. Such competitions are from my point of view very much needed. They bring to the front new talents. I’m sure the most important benefit for the winners is not the financial prize, but the visibility they get and the new connections and networks they build.

The winner of this year was Varpu Rapeli, a fashion designer student from Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The judges had been unanimous, and it already tells something. The winning concept was called Nightlights and included two knitted outfits. The clue of the all-black creations was in the surprising cuts, shapes and combining sleek, unfinished, matte and shining surfaces to create an entity that seemed simple and dark from far, but was in fact full of textures and details. I will follow Varpu’s future conquests with a deep interest.

Varpu Rapeli's Nightlights on the stage. Picture by NRJ

Varpu Rapeli's Nightlights on the stage. Picture by NRJ.

There was one competitor whose works I had paid special attention to already before the competition: Lotta Astrid. Even though her works didn’t make it to the top three, I see a lot of potential. (I think it also must have affected the result that Lotta is first and foremost a shoe designer whereas the other finalists were clothing designers, and the clue of Lotta’s outfits was the shoes. The main purpose of the clean-lined clothes seemed to be to accent the idiom of the shoes.) Lotta’s shoes seemed nothing like sewn together, but rather carved into their dynamic form. Lotta has also spoken for slow shoe design and sustainability in footwear designing and manufacturing, e.g. on the Modin magazine. I respect that.

Good Omens by Lotta Astrid, picture by Lotta Astrid

Good Omens by Lotta Astrid, picture by Lotta Astrid.

And of course there’s always the after-party, and if and when it’s good, the after-after-party. This time it was especially good! 🙂 I enjoyed the evening in a Viuhka dress by Tauko (available at Paloni in all sizes, price 245€, designed and made from recycled fabrics by Mila Moisio & Kaisa Rissanen, sewing by Satu Korhonen in Helsinki). I paired it with 2.elämä Design’s jewellery (also from Paloni), my Kennel&Schmenger shoes and  a flee-market find scarf.

Minna Särelä and a Viuhka dress by Tauko
Thank you to NRJ for the competition & show, and to Steffi for the after-party!
Minna / Paloni