Alive & kicking (both Paloni and me)

The spring has been – although very interesting – also hectic and intensive. Especially the Kauppatori Finnish Design Market was a big project for us. All that building and taking down the tent, unpacking and packing… I counted that we did some 90 hours of physical work only at the marketplace, not counting in the sales hours. I couldn’t have managed without the help of my husband, cousin, another cousin Maija and many of her friends including sweet Sini, for which they all deserve a very big and warm thank you.

Sini ja Minna

Sini and me on the last morning of our month at the Kauppatori market place.

But after all the efficient workout and the early mornings at the market place, the good news are:

1) I’m still alive!

2) We have so many new interesting things and a few truly interesting new designers at Paloni that I just need to tell to you about!

So, let’s start with Kaino. This knitwear label by the designers Niina Sinisalo and Sanni Salonen from a town in western Finland called Köyliö has definitely found a soft spot from our customers’ hearts, and has soon gained a strong position as a Paloni label, and all for good reasons. The designers make their garments from yarn (and ecologically grown whenever possible) – first design the patterns and garments, then knit the beautiful jerseys on their second-hand knitting machines, and then sew the beauties together with their helping hand seamstress Anna-Kaisa Lehmus. All of this is done in Köyliö. So, as local as production can get. Although Kaino seems to resign from the pace of commercial fashion trends, it manages to answer some of our unconscious visual needs, and the bright colors, simple forms and nostalgic roses look very fresh, comforting and current right now. Yet, these garments are the kind you wear from year to year.

Kaino at Paloni

Left: Kaino Loma dress in cotton, available at Paloni in four color combinations, 70€.
Right: Kaino Seilori tunic in linen blend, 97€. Pictures by Kaino.

There’s also another duet of ladies I want to tell you about: Sonja Krogius & Veronika Kantanen from Helsinki. This time the products are not clothes, but handmade soap! There are quite many people making soap in Finland, but I had to go through many before all of my criteria were met: the Doft soaps are locally handmade using vegetable oils and essential oils (no palm oil!), they are visually appealing, and the natural scents are lovely, yet not too strong. It means they’re also suitable for vegans, that there are no artificial chemicals, and the wonderful scents are all natural. Actually a part of the ingredients used in the soaps have even been extracted by the ladies themselves from flowers they’ve grown. Quite amazing. Washing hands with soap can be a dull routine, but I love that it’s now a moment that actually makes me feel good. The blog Kemikaalicocktail has also written about Doft.


Doft soaps at Paloni. Hope I could transport the wonderful smell with this pic...

There are also so many new things at Paloni from our designers we’ve worked with for longer, like Linda Sipilä, Minna Kaartinen / Vietto, Anniina Isokangas / PaaPii Design, Elli Hukka / Lempiväri jewelry and many more… Hope the pictures below give you a hint of it all, but the rest you can only experience at our concept store.

The Raksu dog by PaaPii Design and The Vietto Scarf Dress

Left: The Raksu dog by PaaPii Design / Anniina Isokangas, Alaveteli, 46€ as a finished plush toy,
21€ as a do-it-yourself package, both options available in blue, green, black and brown.
Right: The Vietto Scarf Dress (109€) by Minna Kaartinen, Helsinki, is made from second-hand scarves using
zero-waste design. The dress has a flattering open back and an asymmetrical, flowy hemline.

Next week we’ll get e.g. new earrings from Jennifer Loiselle, London, and white and silver-colored Wing and Owl necklaces from Avaruusmuovi by Petra Eriksson,Turku, Finland. We also have new designers starting cooperation with us in August, but I’ll tell you more about it when it’s all official.

Hope you enjoy the summer sun as much as I do, taking my break outside Paloni and crocheting! And oh, this crocheting thing is another story I’ll tell you more about very soon.

/ Minna