About art, Aino Louhi and a certain cabinet

Paloni’s key idea is to bring out and make available the works of independently working creative talents. In addition to the broad designer cooperation we do, we’ve also organized free-entry music gigs called Paloni LIVE once a month, presenting interesting indie musicians who we think deserve more listeners to their music. (You are very warmly welcome to the next Paloni LIVE with Reena Darlin on April 24th starting from 7pm!)

We’ve also done artist cooperation. The Paraguayan-born, Barcelona-based cross-over artist Jorge Samaniego Bonnin is the man behind many characteristic details in the Paloni concept store. His role was crucial in planning and realizing the creative atmosphere of the space.

Paloni Jorge Samaniego Bonnin

Paloni's signed & original furniture by Jorge Samaniego Bonnin from very old pieces of wood that each 
have a story behind - is this ready-made art, found art, trash or simply a piece of furniture?

I find blurring the boundaries of art interesting. Is the huge vine on our display window with colorful dinosaurs’ eggs (as my daughter named them) a piece of art or just a decorative item? How about the Annielina jewelry Paloni sells, each piece drawn by the artist Elina Honkanen with a pencil – can a necklace be a piece of wearable art?

I wanted to take this project of defying the boundaries of art even further – and at the same time, Paloni’s artist cooperation deserved continuity. So, I challenged the multi-talented artist / illustrator Aino Louhi with a beautiful antique cabinet. Will it turn out as a piece of art, as a usable cabinet for storing things or as something in between in Aino’s creative makeover, remains to be seen when the exciting project is finished and the outcome will be revealed at Kierrätystehdas 2012 on May 5th. Whatever the outcome will be called, will surely be a unique item and will be for sale at Paloni’s stand at Kierrätystehdas – or after the event at our concept store at Eerikinkatu 7.

/ Minna

And how is Aino feeling about the challenge? Quite challenged, but also excited – here are her thoughts as the project has just started:

Painting goes 3-D

-Starting point: To paint a three-dimensional color still life on a cabinet that has to remain its value as a furniture

Aino Louhi Kaappi

"The starting point"
When Minna Särelä asked me to paint a big cabinet for her shop Paloni, I immediately thought to myself: Yes! And probably said it out loud as well. Why was it so clear to me that I want to do this project?

The idea of painting something else than ”just a canvas” has always fascinated me. I painted my first wall painting as a teenager: a starry night sky in my own bedroom. Last year I made a new space odyssey for a children’s club room in the Congregation of Tampere. Painting walls for just a three-weeks exhibition in Tilanne-Gallery last spring was also fun and made the installation feel more real to me.

I once had an idea to make artwork on furniture too. I even have a lousy little ”piano” table at my studio – but it never came alive. Last fall I was thrilled to do some decoration at home by painting old drawers with different colored glossy paints. Finding the perfect tones that matched the living room carpet and chairs – oh the joy!

At the moment the cabinet made of curly birch is standing at my tiny studio and I’ve got questions of why would anybody want to cover that beautiful, ornament-like surface with paint. I feel quite challenged!

/ Aino Louhi